About us

AC-tive® is a technology pioneered by an entrepreneur ANDREW SKINN who has over 20 years experience in pioneering new technology for cell biology research applications, In such application the scientists are studying how cells signal and what affects the signalling pathways…Since 1995 it has became apparent that Oxygen plays a critical role in cell behaviour and ‘Perfect and Precise’ Incubation conditions were required to understand the biology better.

The development of the RUSKINN INVIVO2 range of products set the gold standard for this study.

It became clear just how toxic the open bench environment is to cell development, hundreds of installations across the most prestigious biological institutes in the world taught Andrew and his team at Ruskinn Technology Ltd that replication of the Invivo experience is essential if we are to truly mimic cellular interaction… Without this control much of the biology is compromised.

Now IVF can benefit from this proven technology.

As a result of personal experience of IVF (Daughter born 1995 in Leeds UK) Andrew believed he could apply this technology to growing embryos. From 2004 the development of AC-tive® Workstations has been carefully considered, researched and proven at every stage….(our claims of improved pregnancy rates are based on genuine laboratory experience and trials).

Now in 2012 we have evolved a complete range of Workstaion Solutions to suit all IVF laboratories and Assisted Conception Centres.

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