Better Embryo Biology for Babies

IVF is still a relatively new science and understanding ‘what works best’ is key to successful outcomes in every Assisted Conception centre.

Embryos are Biological wonders

The oocyte and embryo are very precious biological wonders from which every human being is born. Every step an IVF procedure can potentially have fatal impact on survival of the embryo which is why Embryologists are ‘special’ people as it is their skill that can help a couple with fertility problems realise their dream of having a family.

IVF is using Compromised Technology which exerts biological stress on the embryo

AC-TIVE IVF embryo incubator

Since the 1st IVF baby was born in 1978 technology and techniques have evolved to improve clinical pregnancy success rates but until now Incubator technology has not moved away from methods that result in the embryo being taken in and out of its ‘Biological Comfort Zone’ The embryo spends most of its development experiencing stress and compromise as it is moved from incubators to Biological Safety Cabinets to microscopes and back to incubator.

AC-tive® – Better Embryo Biology for Babies

AC-TIVE IVF embryo incubator

AC-tive® IVFis a highly advanced Incubator that has evolved as a result of years of specialised technical expertise gathered in high level Cell Biology research.
AC-tive® system remove stress and studies demonstrate significant increase in clinical pregnancy rates.

Natural Embryo-Biology

AC-TIVE IVF embryo incubator

The developing embryo naturally moves along the fallopian tube towards the Uterus. This is the best biological environment for the embryo and in a healthy female this environment is one where we find:

  • Stable Temperature
  • High Humidity
  • Low Oxygen 2% - 5%
  • Stable pH

Unnatural Embryo-Biology

Unnatural Embryo-Biology

During IVF some attempts have been made to simulate Natural conditions, however most of these developments have been orientated towards media optimisation and within this technology attempts are made to buffer the potential effects of stress created by working in Ex Vivo Conditions ie The IVF LAB.

Now there an incubation system that lets you put your hands in a Virtual Utero Environment

AC-TIVE IVF embryo incubator

AC-tive® IVF is Ground breaking Incubation technology that creates a VIRTUAL UTERO ENVIRONMENT within which the embryologist can put their hands and carry out all the required manipulations from oocyte selection to embryo culture and embryo selection.

Within every AC-tive® IVF system we deliver a perfectly stable incubation environment and we deliver control over the critical parameters of:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Oxygen
  • CO2 (Therefore pH)

No other incubation system affords such stability during the process of oocyte and embryo examination

ACTIVE mimics the natural culture environment and removes the huge instability that occurs using CO2 incubators….Consider this?...every time the door is opened the environment destabilises and recovery takes up to 30 minutes…that is 30 minutes every time to look at each patients material which adds up to a working day of compromise…the smaller CO2 incubators are even worse as the effect of opening a door in a small volume environment is totally destabilising.

Graphs to show impact of opening CO2 Incubator door vs ACTIVE

Attempts have been made to compartmentalise incubation methods.

AC-TIVE IVF embryo incubator

Such products rely on constant gas flow which makes it difficult to delivery precision control on the critical parameters of O2, and humidity. Furthermore there is a recovery time of several minutes each time you replace the embryo culture back into the environment and of course its impossible to perform any manipulation under In Utero Conditions.

Attempts have been made to ‘Enclose’ the work area.

AC-TIVE IVF embryo incubator

But such products still have significant compromise from the perspective of the embryo.

AC-tive® systems are not to be confused with microscope enclosures! All AC-tive® systems are fully functional in utero incubators that allow the embryologist to work inside with their bare hands.

None of the above systems deliver true Invitro Conditions for Invitro Fertilisation all are simply a step in the right direction but none are a fully considered solution and are engineered rather than bioengineering solutions.

Bio-Engineering is a hallmark of the ACTIVE heritage.

AC-tive® DELIVERS up to 30% increase in Clinical Pregnancy rates

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